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  For help with topics and issues go to our Help With Leaven page. It includes a search facility linking to the main Christian Witness Minisries website, as well as links to some other ministries sites concerning select topics.

  Sermons - Weekly (mp3 audio format)
Date Speaker Title Dur. 24 bit 40 bit 64 bit
18 Jun 2006 Philip Powell David Recovered All 50.07 min N/A 14.3 MB 22.9 MB
18 Jun 2006 Philip Powell David Recovered All 50.07 min 8.6 MB 14.3 MB 22.9 MB
For previous sermons, visit the Weekly Sermons Archive.
  Sermons - Transcripts
We are currently in the process of generating Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format
Sermons (transcripts) of the Audio Files below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Available Soon    

  Sermons - Special Notices
Below is a snippet of the sermon "The Unhindered Gospel"
by David Wilkerson, of Time Square Church, New York (24 July 2005).

Download Here: 12.52 min : 2.20 MB

To hear the full message, visit Time Square Church's website.

  Sermons - Audio Files
Audio Files are Downloadable MP3 files.
We have made them available in a small/compact files and larger CD quality files.

Title Duration Small Format CD Quality
Christ - Our Life 12.04 min 2.08 MB 11.06 MB
Love Not The World 9.37 min 1.66 MB 8.81 MB
By His Stripes We Are Healed 14.34 min 2.52 MB 13.36 MB
You Will Receive Power 10.25 min 1.80 MB 9.56 MB
Light and Darkness 56.47 min 9.75 MB - - -        
Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Error 59.14 min 10.17 MB - - -        
Who Is The Vicar of Christ? 1.01.27 hrs 10.56 MB - - -        
Where Is The Church Structurally? 59.18 min 6.78 MB - - -        
Where Is The Church Prophetically? 1.05.55 hrs 7.54 MB - - -        
Where Is The Church Practically? 1.05.44 hrs 7.52 MB - - -        

See also the CWM Website Audio File Listing

Sermons - Christian Apologetics (Polemics)
The following short sample sermons on some of the
significant issues of our time are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

    Who Is The Foundation of the Church - CHRIST or Modern Day Apostles?

    When is a Prophet NO Profit? Is Cindy Jacobs Really A Prophet to the Nations?

    Serving God or Mammon? Can a Gospel that is Free be Sold For Money?

What Does The Bible Teach About Territorial Spirits & Spiritual Mapping?

Taped sermons by Ps Philip Powell are available by contacting us
and requesting a resource catalogue.

Also available on tape are sermons by:
A.W. Tozer, Dave Hunt, Ps Bill Randles and many others.

Our catalogue also offers an extensive range of:

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